Fairly recently a number of World Cup Willie timepieces have been turning up including pocket watches and alarm clocks. These are all of very modern production using an original vintage timepiece with a made up face. The trouble is as they enter into collections they acquire a bit of provenance and nobody questions the authenticity.


There are no authentic World Cup Willie timepieces made in 1966. 

The French watch company Herma did produce a wristwatch in 1966 that featured the insignia. World Cup Willie was used in the advertising.

Here is an example of a fake using an original Ingersoll pocket watch. Click on the watch for a bigger image. The face is poorly printed with no copyright.

The ticking World Cup Willie is again poorly printed and very poorly cut to shape. The image of Willie kicking is always to the right. Here they have reversed the image and in so doing the lettering on his chest has also been reversed


There are many other comic characters such as Batman, Superman, Noddy etc etc, plus other themes Masonic, Advertising, erotic etc etc that have been made recently. If you collect character timepieces you must do your research.

Other poor designs that have recently been used. Some

come with engraved backs