In the 1960's Marx toys was probably the biggest toy company in the world. The UK branch based in Swansea released a range of toys to tie in with the World Cup including the very popular rolykin, a toy with a metal ball in the base with a figure of World Cup Willie. This was an ideal  pocket money purchase priced at one shilling (5p)

The World Cup Willie rolykin was originally going to be a different design. The other character rolykins had a fat half body. Here is the original protype of World Cup Willie in this format. The prototype still has the "to be returned" label attached

Marx also planned on releasing a clockwork walking World Cup Willie and also a clockwork spinning figure. Here are the prototypes. It is a shame they never got released because they look fantastic.

Marx advert. Note that the bagatelle and periscope are not World Cup Willie items

The rosette and plastic back were available in red, white, or blue